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Welcome to India

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Learning how to survive on an increasingly crowded planet is probably our ultimate challenge.

But there’s one place, home to over a sixth of the world’s population, which is already making a good shot at adapting: welcome to India.

This extraordinary observational series casts aside the usual preconceptions about the sub-continent, and lets a few of India’s 1.2 billion show how their world really works.

With astonishing access into the densest districts of Kolkata and Mumbai, this three-part documentary for BBC2 celebrates the impressive resourcefulness, resilience and unbridled pragmatism of those living and working there, and reveals the psyche needed to get ahead in the biggest of crowds.

In an eye-popping sequence, a pair of would-be alchemists turn street sweepings into blingThe Guardian


Sacha Dhawan

Production Manager
Justine Leahy

Head of Production
Maddy Allen

Assistant Producers
Willow Murton
Nathan Harrison
Fred Windsor-Clive
Daniel Dewsbury

Executive Producers for BBC
Charlotte Moore
Sam Anthony

Executive Producer for KEO films
Andrew Palmer

Film Editors
Christopher Bird
Paul Dosaj
Gareth Heal

Director Kolkata
Ashok Prasad

Producer/Director – Mumbai
Aiden Woodward

Producer/Director – Kolkata and Mumbai
Andy Wells

Series Director and Producer
Tom Beard

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