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River Cottage to the Core

  • River Cottage to the Core
  • River Cottage to the Core
  • River Cottage to the Core

Beautiful and bountiful, fruit is the one of the most fantastic foods we have….

But when it comes to using it creatively in our cooking, we’ve hardly scratched the surface.

We are a nation who still thinks it’s racy to slice a banana onto our cornflakes in the morning!  But fruit can truly transform a meaty meal, spice up a fishy dish and revitalise traditional puddings, not to mention conjure up tempting tipples!  From pizzas and pies and steaks and tarts to preserves and beers

Hugh has over thirty recipes, from revitalised classics to delicious new dishes, to tempt you with across the series.

So, let’s look forward to a sun filled season of irresistible food and River Cottage high jinks.

Broadcast on Wednesday 16th October 2013


Associate Producer
Mark Davenport

Food Producer
Anna Horsburgh

Production Manager
Joy Scott

Series Director
Steve Cole

Series Producer
Stephen Leigh
Executive Producers
Nick Shearman
Andrew Palmer

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