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In a remote corner of the UK, 23 men and women try to build a new life and new society from scratch, isolated from the rest of the world.

First episode transmits 18th July – 9pm Channel 4

Over the course of the coming year, a group of 23 men and women will be attempting to start a new society from scratch. Fed up with our modern day reliance on consumerism, social media and disillusioned with 21st century life, they’re setting out to build their very own Eden in the wilds of the Highlands, to see what happens when we start again.

In order for the group to thrive and not just survive over the 12 months, they will need to work together to build their own shelter, grow their own food and raise their own livestock.  The people taking part in this unique social experiment offer a variety of skills – from doctors and vets to carpenters and chefs. They’ll be living remotely, with no access to electricity, plumbing or the supermarket.  With no prescribed infrastructure, the group will take in with them only what they can carry and the basics needed to kick start their experience, including the tools of their trade. The series will follow the groups’ journey as they decide if they want to live together or in fragmented smaller groups , accept majority decisions or do as each of them pleases.

Filmed on a fixed rig, the first episode sees the 23 people tackle the start of their 365 day experience as they open the gates into Eden. In the cold of March, each one walked alone into the 600 acres they’ll call home for the coming year. With the silence of the forest looming, the enormity of their undertaking begins to dawn on them. Through dense woodland, they have to find each other, battle the elements and begin to build their new home. With no winner and no rules, this group of skilled strangers must learn to work collectively to create their Eden, what they do and how they do it is up to them – together they will shape their new society and build their own success over the year.


  • Executive Producers: Andrew Palmer & Colleen Flynn
  • Series Editors: Liz Foley & Sunshine Jackson
  • Line Producer: Justine Leahy
  • Production Manager: Phillippa Whittall
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