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Welcome to Lagos

  • Welcome to Lagos
  • Welcome to Lagos
  • Welcome to Lagos
  • Welcome to Lagos

This extraordinary 3-part observational series explores life at the sharp end of one of the most extreme urban environments in the world: Lagos, Nigeria.

This eye-opening series shows what life is really like in the roughest parts of the world’s fastest growing megacity, celebrating the resilience, resourcefulness and energy of Lagos’s 16 million inhabitants, and shows how successfully many of its slum dwellers are adapting to the extreme urban future.

The best documentary about Africa I’ve ever seen. Pitch perfect – William Wallis, Africa Editor, Financial Times


Filmed and Directed by
Gavin Searle

Series Producer
Will Anderson

Producer & Camera
Frankie Fathers

Assistant Producer & Camera
Paul Glynn

Chris King

Executive Producer for KEO films
Andrew Palmer

Executive Producers for BBC
Charlotte Moore & Sam Anthony

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