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Too Fat For Love

21-year-old Emma takes a no-holds-barred look into the world of plus-sized love and sex by asking questions that everyone may be curious about but are too embarrassed to ask.

If Emma believed everything she read in the media, then she’d conclude that, as a plus-size girl, she was simply too big for romance. Not only are there almost no positive role models for “big love” in popular culture, often there is actual hate.

Emma is introduced to the extraordinary Athena May, a self-styled “goddess of love”, who performs a masterclass in plus-size sex at an “erotic emporium” in east London.

Emma wonders whether the dating game is any easier for men so she chats to members of a plus-size football league to find out. Despite her self confidence, Emma admits that she still has some hang-ups about her body image so in an attempt to face her demons head-on, she quite literally bares it all.

Her journey ends in London, where she discovers the wonders of a plus-size club night – at last, an oasis in an often hostile dating jungle.

On BBC Three from May 8th 2018.

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