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The Yorkshire Clamper

  • The Yorkshire Clamper

A wryly humourous film exploring the world of Ted Evans, the country’s most notorious Car Clamper.

Ted Evans is the notorious clamper of the beautiful Yorkshire village of Haworth. Residents of the village hate him, and tourists fear him, for if they are slightly over the time on their tickets, have their tickets upside down or park slightly in another bay, they will be clamped. He has been accused of immobilising a car while a driver was still asleep, clamping a minibus for disabled children and clamping the Prime Minister of Australia.

Intrigued to find out more, director Leon Dean arrives in Howarth and and finds Ted hurt and apparently bemused by the constant hatred thrown at him and his family. Ted starts to speak out, to show the world he is not an evil man. But then his firm clamps former speaker Betty Boothroyd, who goes on a media rampage determined to finish Ted Evans and his car park for ever. How will Ted handle the resulting media storm and the fact his little car park is now being debated by MPs in Westminster?

This is a story about small-town Britain, and what happens when local passions erupt onto the national stage.


BBC Motion Gallery

Original Music
Touchy Finger

Kevin Walsh

Colourist and Online Editor
Nag Kirinde

Edit Assistant
Dave Bourke

Production Assistants
Shelley Wallis
Trevor Lopez De Vergara

Head of Production
Maddy Allen

Danny Collins

Executive Producer
Katie Buchanan

Filmed & Directed by
Leon Dean

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