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The Seven Ages of Love

  • 7 Ages of Love
  • 7 Ages of Love
  • 7 Ages of Love
  • 7 Ages of Love
  • 7 Ages of Love

Poetry has always been the language of love, and in this film, broadcast the night before Valentine’s Day, ordinary people have their own love stories put into verse.


Original Poetry
Luke Wright

With Thanks to
London Bubble Theatre Company
The Pick’s Disease Support Group

Director of Photography
Stephanie Hardt

Focus Puller
Nicolas Schroder

Original Music
Touchy Finger

Junior Reasearcher
Sam Duggan

Production Runners
James Welford
Anna Fleischmann

Pete Baynton

Online Editor
Adam Dolnick

Chris Rogers

Dubbing Mixer
Nag Kirinde

Edit Assistant
Dave Bourke

Production Assistant
German Andres Fares

Production Coordinators
Shelley Wallis
Trevor Vergara

Head of Production
Film Editor
Jane Greenword

Executive Producer
Katie Buchanan

Directed and Produced by
Zara Hayes

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