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Reggie Yates: The Insider

  • Reggie Yates. The Insider.
  • Reggie Yates. The Insider.
  • Reggie Yates. The Insider.
  • Reggie Yates. The Insider.

Episode 1 – Reggie Yates in a Texan Jail

Reggie Yates is going to jail. For one week he will eat, sleep and work alongside the inmates of Bexar County Jail, Texas.

America incarcerates more people than any other country in the world… and the largest population of inmates are housed in Texas. What’s life really like on the inside, and what’s the real impact of being locked up in America’s criminal justice system?

Episode 2 – Reggie Yates in the Mexican Drug War

Reggie is joining up with Unit 27 of the 56th Infantry Battalion in Acapulco to live the life of an ordinary soldier fighting on the front line of the brutal war against the country’s powerful and violent drug cartels.

Acapulco was once a tourist paradise, now it’s the 4th most dangerous city in the world. As the situation spirals further and further out of control, the Army have been called in. But what’s it like for the young soldiers putting their lives on the line? How does it feel to be fighting a war against your own countrymen in a place where you don’t know who the enemy is… and you don’t know who to trust?


  • Executive Producers: Colleen Flynn & Morgan Roberts
  • Associate Producer: Reggie Yates
  • Producer: Chloe Symonds
  • Production Manager: Jade Miller-Robinson
  • Production Coordinator: Lauren Kelly
  • Edit Producer: Lucy Kennedy
  • Editor: George Taylor
  • Series Director: Sam Wilkinson
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