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Tracking the extraordinary and unexpected journeys of Britain’s best-loved ingredients, showing how the food we eat connects us all, and revealing the delicious dishes it’s used to make.  In Michelin starred meals and street food snacks, home cooked dinners and tasty treats,. , in the hands of creative home cooks, and top chefs. Each week two food products make their way across the UK to end up in dishes ranging from familiar favourites to Michelin starrred gastronomic delights.  By following a single batch of their prized product from origin to end use, our food producers see for the first time where their ingredients are used.  And in a final twist the two products combine to create one very special dish.

Episode 1 – Bramley Apples and Sea Salt

This episode follows two British staples, sea salt and Bramley apples. From a Kent orchard and a salt works in Maldon, Essex, the two ingredients go cross country before ending up on our plates.

Episode 2 – Tomatoes and Sardines

The high-speed journey of Isle of Wight tomatoes and Cornish sardines, from producer to plate, leads to the Google office’s lunchtime menu, and a mouth-watering feast for the GB Rowers squad

Episode 3 – Eggs and Raspberries

Free range eggs from Somerset and raspberries from Perthshire are tracked from farm to final use, including a jar of jam bound for the royal household and a stunning tower of macaroons

Episode 4 – Lamb and Peas

Lamb and frozen peas are followed from farm to plate, from school dinners to a special meal at a top Newcastle restaurant

Episode 5 – Potatoes and Truffles

This episode follows the journey of Suffolk Maris Piper spuds and much-prized Wiltshire truffles, to a chip shop in Barry Island and a select list of elite clients

Episode 6 – Barley and Shitake Mushrooms

Barley from Berwickshire is used to make crackers, cereal and nutritional drinks and to feed a hungry lifeboat crew, while, in Lancashire, farmer John’s shitake mushroom business is booming

First broadcast March 2016, Channel 4


Narrator- Justine Moorhouse

Series Producer – Michelle Crowley

Filmed and Directed –  Richard Hill

Executive Producers: Matt Cole and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Head of Production – Maddy Allen

Assistant Producers – Frances Allum, Jonathan Profaska

Researcher  –  Sophie Grant

Additional Cameras – Tom Kirkamn

Production Manager – Elena Wong

Production Co-Ordinator – Siobhan Profaska

Graphics – BDH



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