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Whether it’s the whizz of the drill, the tension in the waiting room or the click and crack as a tooth is pulled out – the dentist is a location that sets our teeth on edge. In fact, it’s the nations number one fear. And that fear has meant many of us stay away until the pain gets too bad to bear.

The consequence? Over 90% of British adults suffer from decaying or missing teeth and dentists are on the frontline in the battle to save Britain’s smiles.

The Dentists goes behind the scenes of the University Dental Hospital of Manchester, delving into the intimate relationship between patients and dentists. This is a place that rebuilds lives as well as teeth.

The programme reveals extraordinary stories from some of the 90,000 people who come through the hospital’s waiting rooms every year.

Originally broadcast on ITV, Monday 16 June 2014.


Originally broadcast on ITV, Monday 16 June 2014, 9pm.


Produced & Directed By
Mark Jones

Produced & Filmed By 

Harjeet Chhokar

Assistant Producer
Tom Wilde


Reuben Seaton

Production Manager
Jade Miller-Robinson

Executive Producers
Toby Sculthorp
Andrew Palmer

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