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The Century That Wrote Itself

  • Century That Wrote Itself

In The Century That Wrote Itself, the author Adam Nicolson looks at the most revolutionary moment in British history, the 17th century, when reading and writing turned this country upside down. Letter writers, diarists, account-keepers, journalists, religious revolutionaries, lover, enemies – the century was awash in a sea of ink. Never before had people written so much, never before can individual lives be so intimately understood.

Originally broadcast on BBC Four, Wednesday 10 April 2013.


Presented by
Adam Nicolson

Directed & Produced by
Claire Whalley

Executive Producer
Andrew Palmer

Director of Photography
Tim Knight

Production Manager
Justine Leahy

Assistant Producers
India Bourke
Jo Foster

Production Coordinator
Ciara Spankie

Emily Wallis

Susan Brand
Simon Beeley

Sound Recordist
Doug Dreger

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