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Sean and Jon Go West

  • Sean & Jon Go West
  • Sean & Jon Go West
  • Sean & Jon Go West

Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, team captains on 8 Out of 10 Cats, are heading out to Louisiana to see how real men live.

Down in the bayou they’ll be bunking up with Creole cowboys and Cajun swampmen – men who wrestle ‘gators and castrate bulls with their bare hands.

They might be titans of the stand-up circuit, but when it comes to lassoing long-horned cattle, playing the washboard, catching and eating bullfrogs and dancing the Cajun Two-Step, have they got what it takes to survive?

The Real Man’s Road Trip: Sean and Jon Go West, takes them and us deep into uncharted territory.

This is where the buddy road movie meets ‘Deliverance’ and we see Sean and Jon’s surreal humour plays out in ever more bizarre situations – while castrating a bullock, out hunting for frogs on an alligator-infested swamp, dressed up in camo gear for a duck hunt.

Will their macho credentials (and their friendship) stand the test?

First Broadcast on Channel 4 –  Dec, 2012


Presented by
Sean Lock
Jon Richardson

Andy Haore
Mike Stephenson

Directors of Photography
Johann Perry
Matt Green

Production Manager
Trevor Lopez De Vergara

Head of Production
Maddy Allen

Chris Beresford
Paddy Lynas
Duncan Buchanan

Executive Producers
Katie Buchanan
Zam Baring

Series Producer
Matt Reid

Series Director
Ellena Wood

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