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River Cottage Veg

  • River Cottage Veg

In his new series Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall challenges himself to spend the summer as a vegetarian.

In River Cottage Veg, renowned carnivore Hugh spends a summer without either meat or fish.

Acknowledging that he needs to curb his appetite for flesh focuses entirely on vegetables, and attempts to reboot his whole attitude to food.


Written and Presented by
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Series Producer
Claire Lewis

Executive Producer
Andrew Palmer

Production Manager
Maria Norman

Series Director
Aiden Woodward

Callum Webster
Kim Lomax

Edit Producer
Robin O’Sullivan

Giles Lewellyn Thomas
Simon Sykes
Simon Beeley
Tom Heany
William Bone

Mark Davenport

Production Coordinator
Jade Miller-Robinson

Home Economist
Sancha Starkey

Tom Zinovieff

Digital Producer
Murry Toms

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