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Rachel Nickell: The Untold Story

Rachel Nickell: The Untold Story is the latest programme in ITV’s Crime and Punishment Season.
During her 26 years working as a news reporter and presenter, Fiona Bruce has covered some of UK’s most shocking crimes, but the murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common in July 1992 is one that has stayed with her more than most.
The programme sees Fiona revisit the crime. Speaking to key figures involved in the case, she uncovers what went wrong in the original inquiry, how the case was solved and why the human impact of this crime lingers today.


Presenter – Fiona Bruce
Director – Stuart Pender
Producer – Tom Harris
Executive Producers – Andrew Palmer & Kari Lia
Head of Production – Maddy Allen
Directors of Photography – Nik Porter & Jamie Knights
Editors – Paul Van Dyck & Simon Ardizzone
Composer – Samuel Sim
Assistant Producer – Claudia Hodes
Production Manager – Deby Pinnock
Production Coordinator – Eleanor Coates

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