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Millennium Children

In the year 2000 the UN set the Millennium Goals; eight ambitious development targets designed to improve the lives of billions of people on the planet. Fifteen years on and many countries have seen dramatic improvements.

But what do the children and teenagers of the millennium dream of?  This one hour BBC special seeks to understand how some of the planet¹s youngest members think, feel and dream about their world. Through the use of strong child-centred narratives this intimate and cinematic film seeks to go beyond the agenda of news and current affairs to try and capture unique child perspectives of the world and their vision for the future.

Our film will go in search of the authentic voices of the future to see how education, health and security all contribute to a safer and more prosperous world.  We will visit some of the most challenging environments to see how local communities are rising to the challenge of fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals.

As the target deadline fast approaches, this film will explore which goals have been met and which have been missed.  And with a new set of development goals being proposed for 2015-2030, we want to hear from the first generation of the 21st Century about what they would put on their dream list towards building a better future for everyone.



Narrated by

Amelia Greene




European Space Agency ESA

Dmitry Pisanko



James Taylor



Hanuman Films

Renato Lacyini

Caleb Kabanda

Horeb Bulembo Shindano


Production Team

Charlotte Stone

James Doggett



Jonathan Bashi

Kwame Otiende

Arnau Lamarca

Tim Goddard


Production Assistant

Charlie Critchley


Production Coordinator

Louise Vitols


Production Manager

Jade Miller-Robinson


Head of Production

Maddy Allen


Assistant Producers

Mathew McDonnell

Alicia Sadler


Location Producer

Vanessa Moussa


BBC Commissioner

Clare Paterson


Executive Producers

Will Anderson

Andrew Palmer



Chris King


Produced and Directed by

Jon Alwen


Filmed and Directed by

Paul Glynn

Gavin Searle


First broadcast on BBC One 22nd September 2015

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