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Meet The Natives USA

  • Meet the Natives USA
  • Meet the Natives USA
  • Meet the Natives USA
  • Meet the Natives USA
  • Meet the Natives USA

Join us, the five ambassadors from the South Pacific island of Tanna, on our epic journey through a strange and exotic land. See how we get on with the different tribes of America, known as the Cowboys, the Wasps, the Middle Americans, the OC and the Army.


Filmed and Directed by
Tom Beard

Executive Producer at KEO
Zam Baring

Film Editors
GIles Llewellyn-Thomas
Simon Beeley

Edit Producer
Sara Woodford

Head of Production
Maddy Allen

Line Producer
Larissa Hickey

Field Producers
Jeremy Finn
Oliver Page

Jacob Kabere

The Ambassadors
Chief Mangau
Keimua Iaruel
Kuai Lop
Sam Iamanik
Namas Marai

Jimmy Joseph Nakou

Original Music
David Sinclair
Bistaveous Productions
Lautano II & Dokowia String Band
‘Eagle Flight’ by Mars Lasar

Research Associate
Kirk Huffman

Senior Field Coordinator
Barbara Wulff

Production Coordinator
Paula Leung

Field Assistant
Kyle Baker

Post Production Coordinator
Trevor Lopez De Vergara

Post Production Researcher
Fred Windsor-Clive

Production Team
Belle Borgeaud
Dave Bourke
German Andres Fares
Nick Blackford
Sam Duggard

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