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Medicine Men Go Wild

  • Medicine Men Go Wild
  • Medicine Men Go Wild
  • Medicine Men Go Wild
  • Medicine Men Go Wild

Chris and Xand are doctors. They’re also identical twins. Trained in tropical medicine they are ideally equipped to experiment with life beyond paracetamol and prozac. Embracing the strange practices of remote communities in pursuit of new medical knowledge, together they discover how people thrive in the fetid swaps of the Congo, experience extraordinary Eastern approaches to pain, and are won over by the unhealthiest looking Arctic diet, and test the healing power of Amazonian sprits.


Presented by
Chris van Tulleken
Xand van Tulleken

Develpment Producer

Will Anderson

Doug Dreger
Misha Fedulov

Production Team
Adam Robinson
Belle Borgeaud
Ves Nikolic
Fred Windsor-Clive

Production Co-ordinator
Jane Lowe

Production Manager
Larissa Hickey

Heads of Production
Katherine Perry
Claire Hamilton

Assistant Producers

Niobe Thompson
Frankie Fathers
James House
Vanessa Moussa
Kate Hebden
Ben Reid


Simon Beeley
Alex Archer
Safi Ferrah

Executive Producers

Andrew Palmer
Zam Baring

Produced, Filmed & Directed by

Wayne Derrick
Dan Kendall
Tom Beard

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