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Living with the Amish

  • Living with the Amish
  • Living with the Amish
  • Living with the Amish
  • Living with the Amish
  • Living with the Amish

The notoriously private Amish community opens its doors to a group of British teenagers in this six-part series by KEO films for Channel 4.

Living with the Amish follows eight British teenagers leaving their mobile phones, Facebook accounts and partying behind, as they head to Ohio to see if they can hack six weeks of hard work and simple living.

The British teens, from a range of backgrounds and with a range of typical teenage issues to work through, live with six different families among the local Amish community.

They swap their iPhones for hymn books.

Out go their modern clothing, in favour of faded dungarees and conservative Amish hats.

And their Xboxes and PlayStations are replaced by traditional pastimes such as blanket-stitching and making wooden toys.

The experience is a radical departure from the way teens live their lives in contemporary Britain, and requires a readjustment to a world of gas lamps, horses and carts, manual labour and daily communal hymn-singing.

Will the experience help them find God? Or, just as importantly, discover who they really are as individuals?

No Amish community has ever before offered to carry out an ‘Amish detox’ such as this.

The Amish families who are taking part in the series hope that it will reveal the advantages of a pure, uncluttered way of life.

Producers KEO films are at the sharp end of the documentary scene at the moment and it showed Ed Cummings, The Telegraph



Series Produced and Directed by
Wendie Ottewill

Executive Producers
Andrew Palmer
Katie Buchanan

Head of Production
Maddy Allen

Film Editors
Chris King
Natasha Wilkinson
Rosa Bond
Nick Norton
Lee Buers
Chuck Cartmel
Leila Farag
Stuart Davidson

Edit Producers
Claire Whalley
Matt Webster
Amanda Murray
Jackie Baker
Jamie Berry

Kirsty Mitchell
Tom Pearson

Location Director
Tom Barrow

Producers and Sound
Victoria Bennetts
Chris McLaughlin
Angie Bass
Morag Tinto

Line Producer
Larissa Hickey

Production Coordinator
Francesca Langlands

Lauren Rowles
Elise Bramich

Production Assistants USA
Jordan DiRisio
Benedict Baldauff

Casting Assistant Producers
Katy Tallon
Rachel Harvie
Willow Murton
Fred Windsor-Clive

Technical Production Team
Tom Keegan
David Bourke
German Fares
Morwenna James

Wills Ballamy
Corinne Borgeaud

Post Production

Narrated by
Jonathan Hershberger

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