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First-time filmmaker Cat McShane delves deep into the little known world of adult dolls house enthusiasts.

Charming, eccentric Caroline is the queen of the dolls house world. Every one of her 44 dolls houses has a story within it, from Floozy the showgirl, with her tattered negligee and mirrored ceiling, to an exquisite replica of Caroline’s childhood home in Versailles. For her, a dolls house has a life of its own.

Mandy’s got a £300 a month miniatures habit. Brought up in a council house in Liverpool where case was tight and toys a luxury, she now spends her cash creating in miniature the grand homes and lifestyles she can’t have in real life. Mandy’s already filled the dining room with dolls houses, but where’s she going to put her latest project, a 4 floor dolls house mansion that towers over her 4ft 8′ height?

Kevin and Susie are among the world’s top dolls house makers. From the family’s Wiltshire shed, they make extraordinarily accurate recreations of exquisite period houses, that run into tens of thousands of pounds. But nothing they make satisfies absolute perfectionist Kevin whose family motto was ‘Perfection in every Direction’.

Janet who has the largest collection of dolls houses in the country,115 dolls houses lining every wall of her house from the kitchen up to the attic, with over 1000 dolls acting out scenarios in every of the houses.


Emma Kennedy

Original Music
Joel S. Silver for
Squarewave music

Director of Photography
Nick Plowright

Additional Camera
Brendan McGinty

Andy Haore
Simon Cole

King Camera

Online Editor
Adam Dolniak

Blaire Wallace

Dubbing Mixer
Nag Kirinde

Edit Assistant
Dave Bourke

Production Assistant
German Andres Fare

Production Coordinators
Shelley Wallis
Trevor Vergara

Head of Production
Maddy Allen

Russel Crocket

Executive Producer
Katie Buchanan

Produced & Directed by
Cat McShane

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