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Fish! A Japanese Obsession

  • Fish A Japanese Obsession
  • Fish A Japanese Obsession
  • Fish A Japanese Obsession
  • Fish A Japanese Obsession
  • Fish A Japanese Obsession

Charles Rangeley Wilson, author, journalist and BBC 2’s Accidental Angler travels to Japan to explore the Japanese people’s passionate relationship to fish.

Of all the island nations on earth, there is, perhaps, none quite so obsessed by fish, as Japan. Whether for food or entertainment, fish are at the very core of Japanese identity. From their reverential love of jewel-like koi to the seemingly barbaric world of scientific whaling via the balletic submarine ballet of the drive hunt, there are few corners of Japanese culture that have not been shaped by reference to fish.

Trying to comprehend this ‘alien’ culture, Charles embarks on a 6 week odyssey through Japan, determined to use his love of fish and fishing as the common point of interest between himself and those he meets along the way. Since he loves fish possibly even more than the Japanese, they must have plenty in common?

ExtraordinarySam Wollaston, The Guardian



Written and Presented by
Charles Rangeley-Wilson

Translator & Guide
Nobuaki Koide

With Thanks To
Tsuribito Sha Inc
Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
Gifu Tourist Board

Kumamoto Kenmin TV (KKT), Japan

Underwater Second Camera
Mr. Ashikawa


Colourist & Online Editor
Dado Valentic

Production Team
Dave Bourke
German Fares
Futaba Sunami
Lisa Schwer
Yasuhiro Kodama

Production Coordinator
Shelley Wallis

Production Manager
Larissa Hickey

Head of Production
Maddy Allen

Location Producer
Mai Nishiyama

Assistant Producer
Miho Sugita

Film Editor
Mark Atkins

Executive Producer for the BBC
Emma Willis

Executive Producers
Zam Baring
Andrew Palmer

Filmed & Directed by
Gavin Searle

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