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Excluded: Kicked Out of School

  • Excluded - Kicked Out of School

Excluded: Kicked out of School, a new three-part series for BBC Three discovers what happens next for kids who’ve been turfed out of school, going inside one of the UK’s largest alternative provision academies.

Over four and a half thousand kids are permanently excluded from secondary school every year. Excluded: Kicked out of School goes inside one of the country’s largest alternative provision academies to discover what happens next.

Originally broadcast on BBC Three, Tuesday 20 January 2015.


Our ministers in charge of education, crime, punishment and equality of all kinds are in denial about what causes antisocial behaviour in young people (and indeed older people – all those pretending to be disabled, choosing to be disadvantaged, secretly loving being poor, you know who you are) – it’s either pure stupidity, innate wickedness or a particularly toxic compound of the two – Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

Excluded: Kicked Out of School is one of those documentaries that leaves you wondering why BBC3 is being canned. Taking a dispassionate gaze into the mayhem of a special education unit in west London, it’s neither bleak nor bleeding-heart – Matt Baylis, Daily Express


Executive Producer
Katie Buchanan

Series Director
Ellena Wood

Series Editor 
Tom Dixon Spain

Ruth Nicklin


Cat Green

Production Coordinator
Louise Vitols

Production Manager 
Trevor Lopez De Vergara

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