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Could You Eat An Elephant?

  • Could You Eat An Elephant?
  • Could You Eat An Elephant?
  • Could You Eat An Elephant?
  • Could You Eat An Elephant?
  • Could You Eat An Elephant?

Fergus Henderson and Jeremy Lee have been mates for a long time. Fergus runs the celebrated St. John restaurant – famous for its “nose to tail” menu including everything from pigs’ ears to bone marrow – and Jeremy is head chef at the Blueprint Cafe. They are at the foodie frontline.  Fergus and Jeremy are going on an epic culinary journey across Europe, Asia and Africa to test the limits of their personal menus. In a search for their culinary ceiling. The pair are faced with a menu of dishes which are very much part of the daily diet in other parts of the world, but all of which are considered taboo in Britain.

Starting with very small creatures and working their way up to the very big Fergus and Jeremy visit places where these meals are local and seasonal, to kill cook and eat them in the traditional way. From beetles and maggots through to rats and snakes, to a final challenge in the African bush…..


Presented by
Fergus Henderson
Jeremy Lee

Narrated by
Alan Ford

Original Music
David Sinclair

Titles & Graphics
Peter Anderson Studio

Dough Hartington
Tom Beard
Sally Wingate
Abdullatif Nurin-Hussein

Tom Beard

Online Editor
Marc Corrance

Jonathan Leib

Dubbing Mixer
Bob Jackson

Assistant Editors
Belle Borgeaud
Dave Bourke

Production Team
Nick Blackford

Senior Production Coordinator
Shelley Wallis

Production Managers
Claire Hamilton
Kate Leonard-Morgan
Maddy Allen

Assistant Producer
Laura McNaught

Bernard Lyall

Tom Beard

Directed by
David Barrie

Executive Producer
Zam Baring
Andrew Palmer

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