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Chickens, Hugh & Tesco Too

  • Chicken Hugh and Tesco Too
  • Chicken Hugh and Tesco Too
  • Chicken Hugh and Tesco Too

One year ago Hugh took on the supermarkets, the poultry industry and the residents of his local town when he tried to change Britain’s relationship with its favourite meat forever. But as supermarkets nationwide sold out of free-range chicken and the poultry industry rushed to cope with the demand for higher welfare birds, one supermarket seemed strangely reluctant to talk to Hugh. Find out what happened when Hugh bought a single share in Tesco and tried to change Britain’s biggest retailer from the inside.


Written & Presented by
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Original Music
Sam Hooper

0404 Creative

Assistant Producer
Michael Ogden

Giles Llewellyn-Thomas

Campaign Producer
Jane Lucy

Executive Producer
Andrew Palmer

Produced and Directed by
Jaimie D’Cruz

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