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Britain’s Best Home Cook

Ten talented cooks embark on the ultimate immersive cooking competition, living together in a shared house and competing against each other in the kitchen as they are tested by the trio of exacting judges.

Each week the judges set two challenges – an ultimate home favourite and an improvised dish around a single ingredient – before the weakest cooks face the elimination round. To win over the judges and avoid elimination, the cooks have to demonstrate individual flair, skill, creativity and breadth in their home cooking.

In this first episode the cooks have 90 minutes to prepare their ultimate burger with at least two sides designed to showcase their individual personality. The patties and fries sparkle with variety and influences as cooks rustle up a Welsh-inspired rarebit burger, Indian spiced patty and pakoras, Nigerian suya spiced beef, Asian shredded beef in a bao bun and a plethora of cheese burgers.

The second challenge tests the cooks’ inventiveness and creativity with a key ingredient, and the cooks with the best burgers from challenge one get to determine the key ingredient choice for everyone. This time, the choice is between nuts and berries, and the cooks must invent a sweet or savoury dish celebrating the central ingredient. Based on their performance, the judges decide who is safely through to next week and who must cook again. At the end, one cook leaves the competition.

Episode 1 : Thursday, May 3rd 2018 on BBC One


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