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KEO digital burst into life in 2009 as a result of the experience of managing and developing River Cottage.net as a digital brand that today thrives with over 300,000 subscribers and 3 million visitors a year.

KEO digital has since grown into a multi-talented team that create award winning short form content, websites, games, apps and multiplatform projects. 

We’ve since built a reputation for creating and cultivating website communities off the back of common sense powerful campaigning. Chicken Out was the first example of this – where we used digital media to kickstart a shareholder activist campaign. 

We founded the land sharing and growing community Landshare.net which Adam Gee (C4 multi-platform commissioner) remarked "such a simple idea it took a minute to commission" and the renewable energy community energyshare.com that Zac Goldsmith MP, said, “We need a mass movement, driven by people, and this campaign can deliver that.”

Innovation and empowering the public has become a guiding principle for KEO digital. 

Fish Fight launched in 2010 was seen by many as where multiplatform came of age. The power of combining TV, online and social networks to achieve change ushered in a new way of creating that change in the real world. 

The online campaign went on to win a Broadcast Digital Award underlining our campaigning credentials and our approach – always practical and pragmatic, never po-faced. Maria Daminaki, European Commissioner for Maritime and Fisheries commented “we need effective campaigns like Hugh’s Fish Fight to wake up people to support change”.

KEO digital continues to diversify and now works with a growing number of broadcasters, brands, advertising agencies and digital platforms, creating compelling and award winning content. 

Recently we have produced

YouTube – We've launched a brand new YouTube channel for River Cottage with two videos released each week.
C4 – A new mobile game River Cottage Get Foraging launched for iPhone and Android devices
Ching's Chinese Sauces - 8 recipes for Waitrose TV featuring Ching-he Huang 
Crowdfunder – co-founded and launched the UK’s leading crowdfunding network 

At KEO digital we are passionate about good ideas, the power of social networks and producing content that stands out. We want to work with broadcasters, brands, charities, and digital platforms that understand who we are, what we’re about and want to partner up with us. Let’s start the conversation here:  keo@keofilms.com